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We the citizens of United States of America ask congress to set forth laws for politicians to follow so that a small percentage of lobbying fees be applied to our Social Security funds. Our mission letter which explains what the American citizens expect from our politicians to reform the Social Security Funds. We cannot have these actions be bound by law without your participation. Please Citizen, be part of the mission that saved America's Social Security Funds. This mission will only work if we join together. We have a one time fee of $20.00 upon joining to help cover expenses of office personel and supplies. Imagine the citizens of America coming together as one. It will be the first time ever that American citizens were able to use the guidelines given to us by our Founding Fathers and take control. I'm proud to be an American Citizen that took part in this mission and with your help Our grand children will be proud American Citizens with a reformed Social Security that YOU took part as an American voice, a citizen united, a mission member.
 I thank you for taking the time to view this website, If you could please continue to the mission tab and take a few minutes more to view our mission  letter that we will be sending to politicians on your behalf. 
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